Simon Bradshaw – Appointment as an Ambassador for CHIRP and MARS

Simon has today been appointed as an ambassador for these organisations. This role will involve Simon in the development of awareness of the reporting procedures at a grass roots level, delivering presentations at a club level and sea school level.

Ambassador’s Mission:

Improve the safety of individuals employed within or associated with maritime operations; 

Promote the submission of hazardous occurrence and incidents reports;

Provide guidance on additional sources of relevant material, and 

Share information derived from past hazardous occurrence and incidents reports. 

Ambassadors Tasks:

Report to and to be guided by the CHIRP Director (Maritime) / MARS Editor as appropriate;

Presentation and training material is provided by the CHIRP Director (Maritime) / MARS Editor as appropriate;

Provide guidance to reporters, however, Ambassadors are not expected to complete hazardous occurrence or incident reports (these are expected to be submitted by the reporter to CHIRP or MARS as appropriate), and

Encourage companies and organisations to submit data to CHIRP / MARS on safety statistics and trends.