Ocean / Astro

Anna Sextant

Simon teaches the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean course all over the world. In the last year this has included, Grenada in the Caribbean, Antibes, Southampton, Brittany, Palma de Mallorca.

IMG_0002This course is a favourite of Simon’s in which he teaches you about fixing your position using the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets. Simon will take you through the care of and use of the Sextant. How best to find the object you are looking for and how to bring that object down to the horizon.

The books and tables used in Astro Navigation can be intimidating. However Simon’s carefully structured course and prepared forms will make light work of this, the most intimidating part of Astro navigation.

Harrison H1Harrison’s first Sea Clock H1

You will also discover a lot more about time and the measurement of Time, How time and position are linked and how to find your Longitude using time.


Global weather comes in for discussion also, along with the Tropical Revolving Storm. Simon’s presentation on these topics includes video clips and often a live feed from the NOAA, National Hurricane Centre in the US.